Bob Mehsikomer, Managing Executive Director

Bob Mehsikomer

Let me start by telling you, Bob Mehsikomer has been around tournaments since the mid 1970’s. He is NO stranger to the sport or the business of running tournaments.

Bob founded and ran the first ever, muskie tournament in the world, the “W.P.M.A., World Professional Muskie Association”. He founded and ran the bass circuit Simply Fishing and last but not least, Bob created and ran the 2004 Simply Fishing World Muskie Classic, the most prestigious muskie event ever run. Rewarding the winners more than $80,000.00 for first place alone.

The Legendary Angler Bob Mehsikomer is a member of the Freshwater Fishing Hall Of Fame as a Legendary Angler with 13 World Records.

Bob hosted "Thunder On The Water" in the mid to late '80s and still hosts "Simply Fishing TV", "FishnStixTV", "5@5 LIVE", and coming soon, "The Legends".

Bob has been embedded in the industry for 40 years, designing tackle for Strike King, Stanley Lures, Poe's Lures, Odyssey Tackle, A-Team Tackle, and more. Bob holds the patent on the only patented muskie spinnerbait in the market today,
the "A-Team Assassin".

Bob and Casy Weise will wed in February of 2022 and then become a stepfather to Stephanie & Avary.

Sons: Mike and Jason are both very accomplished anglers well on their way to teaching his grandsons what Bob taught them.

Bob's immediate family includes Mike, (wife) Tracy and Jason, (wife) Beth who together have given him four GREAT grandchildren: Landon, Evan, Mason, and the latest keeper Brayden.

You can find many of his videos on YouTube at Bob Mehsikomer or Simply Fishing TV.

Bob offers guiding to everyday people for a fee. You will have the opportunity to fish with (not behind him), allowing you the opportunity to question everything that’s happening in the boat. The REAL when, why, and where’s in the sport. 

On the 19th of August 2010 history was made when Bob Mehsikomer became the first angler in the world to achieve the Cast-To, Catch and Release of 100 Muskies over the 50” benchmark, all on artificial and ALL released. Today that number tops 119 over 50". That is the reason many in the muskie world claim him to be the best of the best. Although if you ask him, he will tell you he is simply a committed angler chasing the most elusive apex predator in North America’s freshwaters.

The time and devotion to the pursuit of the muskie, bass, walleye, northern pike, lake trout, tarpon, sailfish, roosterfish, peacock bass, and many other species are what makes this man the skilled angler he is. 

He studies the environment, the location, forage and the predator at a level others could only dream of. The devil is in the details Bob always says. When asked by a would-be potential sponsor what made him so efficient on the water, he simply stated when you do it for a living, and living depends on eating, you learn fast and thoroughly. 

Every cast, every fish, and every mistake are recorded in his day-to-day life on the water making his TV series the quintessential authentic, action-packed, trophy fishing series that everyone is trying to catch! 

Episodes feature in-your-face action with giant northern pike, monster lake trout, huge muskies, mammoth smallmouth, peacock bass, or other trophy species crashing lures for awesome fish hitting action from around the globe. Simply Fishing is authentic from cast to hit, from hookset to landing, including the release.

Simply Fishing Extreme also teaches conservation with correct fishing, fish handling, and release methods on the video to ensure the healthy release of adult fish for future anglers to enjoy. Bob & Simply Fishing practices “C.P.R. -Catch, Photo & Release . . . The Future Of Fishing Depends On It”. A slogan that he coined and trademarked in the 80's. 

All fish on Bob's shows are released on camera. 

Simply Fishing host, Bob Mehsikomer, educates viewers on fishing techniques and shows them how to catch fish, including the correct times and locations. Bob reveals his secrets for finding and catching big fish, everyone’s dream fish. Simply Fishing gives anglers all the information to visit the same destinations.

From January to April each year, Bob gives video-supported seminars at sport shows, fishing club functions, fundraisers, and special retail store events. 

All of the educational materials Bob produces are backed up by “on the edge of your seat”, action packaged in video form. Bob develops new seminars for the sports show circuit each year, which adds to the already impressive list of seminars available. 

Bob’s seminars are around 45 minutes with 15 minutes of Q&A to make the time slot one hour. 

Seminars require a facility where the lights can be brought down for full effect of the video support, and a video projection screen large enough for those in the rear of the room to view easily. Other speaking and hosting engagements are also accepted.

As mentioned earlier Bob is a 13-time world record release holder in the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame with releases in muskie, northern pike, peacock bass, and lake trout. 

Bob is well known as "Mr. Muskie, the PROFESSOR", capturing more gigantic muskies on video than anyone thought was possible. 

In years past Simply Fishing the program has aired to more than 70,000,000 households on cable, broadcast, satellite and streaming on the internet annually. 

Simply Google Bob Mehsikomer or Simply Fishing for a quick reference of where you can see Bob’s skills in action.

Beyond simply catching fish, Bob is also an environmentalist. Catch and Release have been the cornerstone of his career and will be far into the future. 

Ben Alspach at Berkley Fishing once told Bob he should look into pursuing something other than muskie if he were to succeed. He simply asked why and the response he was met with was, ”NOT EVEN AL LINDNER could succeed at catching these fish regularly”. 

Well, we would all have to agree, Ben was sadly mistaken and if you again ask Bob, he will tell you that although he has succeeded in the pursuit of the mighty muskie it would have been much more difficult without the knowledge Al Lindner provided him. 

The respect he has for Al and Ron Lindner is not to be taken lightly, they provided a baseline for studies and in part paved the way for Bob and anglers like him.

Bob is a qualified graphic artist and is responsible for all the graphics and animations found within his videos. The creativeness of Bob’s skills stems from his actual encounters during the shooting of each episode of Simply Fishing Extreme.

Years ago Bob was approached in regards to developing a bucktail. It didn’t stop there; he has now developed a family of trophy-catching blade baits for A-Team Tackle including the Avenger-X, Aggressor-X, Agitator-X, A-K 10, Mya-Boo, and the Assassin-X which is the ONLY patented muskie spinnerbait in the world.

The single biggest BIG FISH producer for Bob is Poe’s Giant Jackpot. This lure has earned its place in the muskie and pike world and is now entering its third decade of production. It is also the only lure Bob carries that can account for more than 50 of his 100 over 50 inches. Not bad…see Poe’s Lures on the Internet for a retailer nearest you.

Few anglers can relate to the struggles of muskie fisherman as can Bob. He has been there for decades promoting the rights and condemning the wrongs of the sport to massive audiences nationwide.

To know Bob is to Love Bob. Even after all he has accomplished in his angling career, he is down to earth and is a teacher to his core.