Casy Weise

Well, what can we say about Casy?

We can start by saying beyond her skills that are a huge contribution to running a well oiled machine such as “Team Fishing Circuit”, T.F.C., she has a personality and smile that will light up a room.

Casy has extensive administrative experiences and without question she will drive some hard bargaining as she debates various directions of our growing business.

A mother of two daughters, oldest being Stephanie and Avary being the youngest, has conditioned her well to handle whatever the most hard ridden, ill-tempered bass angler might dish out. Although she smiles a mile, she will be well aware of any situation that arises and/or will be able to resolve issues with professionalism.

When Bob and Casy first met, she had no idea who he was, in terms of his fishing history and early on in their relationship she stated she was a fisher gal. Quickly realizing Bob’s skills and lending her full attention to an accelerated education of the sport.

Bass has been her favorite fish to chase but often talks about wanting to catch a huge muskie… Bob just cautions and repeats again and again, it’s more like work than fishing.

You will more than likely get to know Casy very well if you decide to come out and support our efforts while fishing some of our Team Fishing Circuit events.