Applying to 150 Team Events Only

Question: What time is boat check?


Answer:  Boat check starts at 5:30am or 6:30am depending on calendar. Instructions regarding the inspection and judge assignment location will be provided in ample time.

Question: Is passing by another angler team permissible?

Answer: Yes, providing the team encroaching is NOT fishing within the 100’ boundary.


Question: Do teams need to physically (in person) attend the dock meeting?

Answer: No, the dock meeting will be streamed on our website and youtube the Sunday, the week prior to the physical start of the event, e.g., Say the event starts on the 14th of a month, the STREAMED DOCK MEETING with rules highlights and drawing for fishing days will take place on 6th. Allowing ample time to arrange personal schedules. Team names with their drawn tournament day will be posted on the website for the respective tournament.


Question: How many days will a team fish?

Answer: Teams will fish ONE day, to be decided at the rules and dock meeting, UNLESS THEY QUALIFY BY WEIGHT TO THE FINAL DAY.


Question: How many teams qualify for the FINAL DAY or otherwise referred to as the TOP GUN?

Answer: The number of teams qualifying to the TOP GUN (final day) will be determined by the number of entries. E.g, if the event has a FULL PAID FIELD, 30 teams will advance. The formula would be 6 highest daily qualifiers BY WEIGHT, will advance. 


Question: What If the tournament is NOT FULL or a smaller field?

Answer: The aggerate number of teams will be divided AT THE TIME OF THE STREAMING DOCK MEETING and the stipulated 30 teams per day will proceed in a shortened event. If the number of teams causes there to be a day with less than 30 anglers, 5% of that day’s field will be judged by the heaviest weights to advance. E.g., say the remainder is 10 teams that don’t make a full day, then ONLY TWO OF THOSE TEAMS ADVANCE.


Question: What if there are delays due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather?

Answer:  Many variables can exist. The event may be shortened, daily number of teams fishing may be increased and the event may proceed. It may be rescheduled for a future date.

Question: What if Team Fishing Circuit cancels the entire event?

Answer: If we do not receive at least 25 teams for an event then Team Fishing Circuit will cancel this and the Team will be refunded by check $850.00.  If you paid by Credit Card, you will still be refunded by check $850. The service fee is non-refundable.


Question: How will ease outs be performed?

Answer: It’s NOTED in the rules there will be EARLY departures for anglers in the morning to achieve their starting location, AFTER BOAT CHECK, OFFICIAL JUDGE PAIRINGS and National Anthem. It is the determination of this tournament circuit, TFC, that ONE HOUR is ample time to be in position when your OFFICIAL rewards you with “LINE’S IN”. Any travel causing you to go beyond the ONE HOUR window, will be at the team’s expense. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Question: When does fishing END?

Answer: Teams will have 8 hours in their angling day for what is proposed to be official start time of 7:00 AM or form the START TIME determined but the tournament director, IF conditions dictate a delay. SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT.


Question: Are SPEEDS governed by the tournament director?

Answer: In some systems speed limits ARE governed by law. In the case of the event director, you should be aware, the OFFICIAL in your boat will be witness to any abuse or unsportsman like conduct INCLUDING CARELESS BOAT HANDLING. Please remember, you have a 3rd passenger in your craft and you are RESPONSIBLE FOR THEM. We all know there is a tendency to RACE from spot to spot in a timed event, if need be. But, in this case, we are requesting YOU manage that speed wisely. In this situation as the team CAPTAIN, you are responsible and can be disqualified by the OFFICIAL in your custody with NO DEBATE. Observance of this request will prevent the tournament circuit and/or the director to force limits on speed in future events.


Question: Will JET propelled boats or crafts be allowed.

Answer: NO.


Question: Will there be MORE tournaments produced and promoted by Team Fishing Circuit?

Answer: Short answer is YES. Plans are in the works to develop a West Division in conjunction with the East Division. In addition, there are plans on the drawing board to advance the level of competition and reward by introducing a TEAM ELITE series, where the format and the sites will mirror the OPEN events, but entry fees will be elevated. IF these events occur, we have plans to host a NO ENTRY FEE TEAM FISHING CIRCUIT TEAM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in the future, that will draw TEAM anglers, AS QUALIFIERS, to participate. This all depends on the success of the East Division and the West Division and TOP GUN.

Question: If the field does not meet 150 team participation, what will be the first place payouts?

The general breakdown for First Place, based on participation, is as follows (rounded down): 
125 Teams: $33,300
100 Teams: $26,600
75 Teams: $20,000
50 Teams: $13,300
25 Teams: $6,600
*Places 2-7 will be paid out as well

Question: Am I limited to the number of fish we catch and how are they tracked?

Answer: 1 pound qualifies. These will be logged by your In-Boat Official via the
REEL Livewell app and documented with a sign-off by the angler. Every catch will include a picture of you and the qualifying fish. The official will have access to the rankings of the other teams. You will need to download the app. These instructions will be included in your acknowledgment packet. 

Question: Will the results throughout the tournament be posted live?

Answer: Yes during qualifying days. Other Teams will be able to see where you are ranked as long as there is cell service. On the day of Top Gun you will have no access to ranking.