Team Bass Circuit

Entry Fee: $850.00 PER TEAM PER EVENT
Your team will fish 1 of the 5 days to qualify for the TOP GUN held on day 6 on full field (150 teams).

Cash PAYBACKS are based on FULL FIELDS

Beat the anglers chosen to fish on your day, then beat the best at the TOP GUN for the BIG MONEY.

 and you take home your portion…

Bringing you the
1st National
Million Dollar plus Pro Team Bass Circuit

What It is All About....

We have developed an extremely fast-paced, highly motivated TEAM Fishing Circuit that delivers at every turn.

Our Bass Divisions are unique in the manner in which the anglers approach the system they fish and the methods of attack they will choose on the day they hit the water.

In our Bass events, a given number of anglers will be separated into groups, for example, if the event has a full field of 150 TEAMS, those teams will be divided by 5, or the number of days they will have to draw from for their SUDDEN DEATH, 1-day opportunity to make the championship on the 6th and final day of the event. You will be fishing 1 of the 5 day event. If you qualify, you will compete in the TOP GUN on day 6.

Anglers will have IN-BOAT officials that will weigh and score every largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass that weighs a minimum of 1 pound via the REEL Livewell app. 

There will be NO limit to the number of bass a team can score if the minimum weight is met, accounting for some OUTSTANDING RESULTS

At the end of each day, the teams placing in the predetermined qualifying positions by weight will instantly advance to day 6, where all teams start from ZERO.

Teams will simply fish on the date we draw at the virtual/streaming rules meeting on Sunday, 1 week prior to event. Tournament hours will be 8 hours in length and will commence at 7:00 am or otherwise determined by the tournament director.

Teams will boat check between 5:30 am and 6:30 am, stand for the national anthem, and will then be allowed to advance to their chosen fishing locations WITH AN OFFICIAL giving the command "LINE'S IN" at precisely 7:00 am. Officials will call the end of the event 8 hours later by announcing "LINE'S OUT". In-Boat officials will provide a phone to log your catch via an App, take your picture, and document the weight on paper with a sign off from the angler. Ranking will be accessible on the app on qualifying days, but on day of Top Gun, anglers will not be able to see their ranking. The app is just a tool, the signed off score sheet will be used to determine the winners. Teams will then have 1 hour to return to the headquarters launch site.

Events will be streamed via our website, Facebook & YouTube. Pictures will be added to Instagram. All media is the sole property of Cast Productions dba Team Fishing Circuit.

If you enjoy the thrill of competition, tournaments are a great way to take your fishing to a new level.