for 2021/2022 only

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As we reemerge from the effects of COVID-19, we are all looking to reenter a normal lifestyle. To us, that means getting back onto the water and enjoying what nature has bestowed. 

We are Team Fishing Circuit and are writing today to introduce what we developed almost two years ago but held back due to COVID-19. We feel it's possibly the most economical way for two-person teams to participate in a well-organized event, with the opportunity of life-changing rewards. 

Our events can be rewarding to family situations, where parents can engage with their children interested in competitive fishing and possibly even contributing significantly to their college education. For longtime angling partners looking to upscale their position in the angling world. For anglers who DREAM of fishing professionally, but in no way, can afford the money and time commitment necessary. AND, the biggest of all reasons, the thousands upon thousands in qualifying entry fees necessary to profit significantly. 

Our events are NLC (No Limit Catch) events. Anglers are accompanied by in-boat officials who weigh and score all qualifying fish.


Our events run on a 6-day event calendar where entrants are drawn seven days prior to the event start and notified of the SINGLE DAY they will compete for their chance at TOP GUN. In a full field situation, 150 teams, no more than 30 teams will hit the water each of the 5 qualifying days. At the end of each day, those deemed as qualifiers will automatically move to the 6th and final day, or what we call TOP GUN.

Entry fees are kept low to allow everyday anglers as well as guides, and others considered as pros to enjoy our events. As a team, anglers pay $850.00 to enter. If they qualify on a full field event and win TOP GUN, they will depart with $40,000.00 for their efforts. Other paybacks include cash to 7th place with a handsome reward for EVENT big fish.

That should be enough to get you to review to learn even more about our 15 events being held in our East Division comprising of 14 states.

You still there?

Now, here's the pitch. To grow these events takes money. We are self-financed at this point and although sponsorship relationships will assure even bigger and better events, we are NOT here today begging you for sponsorship money. We are asking if you have anglers in your presence that might be pro-staffers, employees, friends you know that would enjoy and benefit from a potential $40,000.00 payday, college students in fishing leagues, and the list goes on, that you or your brand could sponsor as tournament teams.

How you structure your relationship with these anglers is totally up to you. As a TEAM SPONSOR, you will be asked to fill out our TEAM PROMOTIONS form, which indicates whom you are sponsoring, and your affiliation, brand, or personal relationship.

In exchange (this proposal is for year one, starting in Tennessee in October 2021 and continuing thru the calendar year 2022) we will be adding your brand/logo/message to our tournament trailer as an EVENT sponsor, for the event or events you have supported anglers in. The only cost to you, outside whatever commitment you may have made with your supported team or teams, will be a minimal cost to generate the graphics, which will be displayed on our trailer. The cost for us to prepare your advertisement will be $100 and an invoice for an ACH payment will be sent to you which is an electronic bank to bank transer. The signage we will create will be 24" X 24" and will be well expressed at every event. Sponsors will supply a PNG, EPS or AI File of their logo and/or message.


The purpose here is two-fold, help us bring more anglers to our events and fulfill your goal of brand awareness.

Can you help? Can you provide the conduit for future anglers aspiring to do more?

Knowing it takes time to get things accomplished, please alert those you have an interest in supporting, and us, as soon as possible.

Please contact:

Bob Mehsikomer
Senior Managing Director at Team Fishing Circuit,
North America's Team Fishing Circuit